Thoughts From a Late-Twenty-Something: Thirty Is Not The End

finishlineI don’t know if it’s because I’m nearing that age myself or because I’ve just been paying more attention, but I’ve noticed that people are really obsessed with 30 and all that “should” be accomplished by then. Why?

Unless you plan to fall off the face of the earth 365 days after your 29th birthday, thirty is not a finish line.  Continue reading

What I’m Reading

I definitely don’t read as much as I’d like to, but lately I’ve been making the time to get lost in a good book (because sometimes when you don’t have the time, you just have to make time, right?).

My iPad makes it a lot easier to find time to read because I can load all of the books onto it and then flip it open whenever, without having to lug a ton of books around. I can even rent ebooks from the library for free! The ebook loads right onto my iPad and is available for 14 days before it disappears and I have to rent it again! No having to return the book and no late fees! Win-win!

Also, I can download a sample of any book I’m interested in for free. A sample normally includes the first 20 or so pages. If I get to the end and want to read further, I can buy it. If not, it cost me nothing!

Of course e-books are more expensive than the Half-Price Bookstore or even’s Used Book section, but the convenience is worth it – most of the time.

Anyway, back to what I’m reading.  Continue reading

My Hair is Growing!

I wish I was one of those girls who takes pictures of her hair to check the growing-out progress.

I’m not in the habit of doing that because in the past my hair didn’t grow and if it did grow a little bit, my (old) stylist would chop off the progress and call it a “trim”.

However, ever since I started going to J. Bentley Studio and Spa, my hair has grown, grown, GROWN!

Here are something of a progress pics that I’m not sure do it justice: Continue reading

Oreo Truffles Recipe

If you know me, you know I LOVE sweets! And I especially love making sweets because then I can eat as much as I want. If you feel the same way, you’ve gotta try these Oreo Truffles. They’re super easy to make and they taste really good!

You’ll need just three ingredients:

1) One 16oz pack of Oreos – you can use any kind you want, I chose Birthday Cake and I HIGHLY recommend it!
2)  One 8oz package of Cream Cheese, softened
3) Two packages of Semi-Sweet Baking Chocolate, melted

(This recipe is supposed to make 3.5 dozen balls with those ingredients. I halved this recipe and made huge truffles)

Birthday Cake OreoCream Cheesecandy Continue reading

My Time (and Sanity!) Saving Style Tip: Use Pinterest To Help You Get Dressed

Add a flower to natural hair style (another Pinspiration!)

Add a flower to a natural hair style (another Pinspiration!)

One of the best things about my job as the CW Star is being invited to awesome events around the city. It also can be one of the most stressful when I’m deciding whattheheck should I wear?!

I love clothes and I love shopping and I have the enormous, stuffed-to-capacity walk-in closet to prove it.

Still, in all of those clothes it can be difficult to figure out what I should wear to a particular event.

Invariably, I will procrastinate on picking out my outfits until the last possible minute, panic because I don’t know what I should wear then immediately begin ripping through my closet and running around town to a hundred stores trying to find the “perfect” outfit. Minutes before I need to leave for the event, with my heart rate at 1000, I will be completely exasperated and conclude there is absolutely nothing available on God’s Green Earth for me to wear. Dejected, I’ll decide that I’ll just have to throw on whatever. Of course, when you’re getting dressed in that mindset, it’s impossible to look fabulous because a major part of looking fabulous is feeling fabulous. Ugh. It’s the worst!

If this sounds like you too, we do NOT have to live like this! Recently, I’ve stopped (okay mostly stopped) allowing myself to get to that point by continuously stockpiling a list of what I like to call my STYLEspirations.

Enter Pinterest.

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Keratin Complex Treatment Update!

A little more than five months have passed since I got my Keratin Complex treatment at J. Bentley Studio and Spa back in January, so I thought some of you may be interested in an update!

In short, I LOVE what this treatment has done to my hair and I have nothing but great things to say!

Since getting the Keratin, my freshly washed hair doesn’t kink up nearly as much, it dries faster and it flat irons softer and smoother then when I had a relaxer! Also a huge plus – Summer has yet to seriously kick in, but I have noticed that my hair doesn’t frizz up on the mega humid days we’ve had so far.

For me, the Keratin is a miracle treatment. I’ve been natural for almost three years and it was a serious struggle to get my hair to look how it did when it was relaxed. I was ready to quit on this natural thing many, many times. But now I finally feel that I can do this no-relaxer-but-still-wear-my-hair-straight thing for life.

Left: PRE-Keratin blowdry; Right: POST-Keratin blowdry

Left: PRE-Keratin blowdry; Right: POST-Keratin blowdry

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